The Values of Risk

Managing through uncertainty

Xavier Durand
How to lead and govern in an uncertain world.

From health crises to a series of financial bubbles, from geopolitical tensions to climate disasters, from societal upheavals to technological breakthroughs, decision-makers are faced with continuous shocks that make the world less predictable than in the past. As worrying as this situation may be, it is also an opportunity: risk is not only a threat; it is also —and above all— an opportunity for progress and learning through experimentation, where failure should be accepted, provided, of course, that we develop a culture of accountability and governance capable of taking advantage of it.

Inspired by the creativity of jazz, Xavier Durand invites decision-makers to abandon the costume of a conductor, convinced that he knows all the notes in advance, and pleads for the emergence of enlightened leaders, aware of their vulnerability and their limits, capable of composing their score in real time, echoing the ideas of their colleagues and resonating with the very particular tempo of our time. The result is an innovative approach to crisis management.

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