The Bonfire of the Verities

What Communication Strategies can be Effective in the Fake News Era?

Xavier Desmaison, Guillaume Jubin
How to build an effective strategy in an era of permanent misinformation and mistrust? The multiplication of alternative facts (fake news), the hysterization of debates, the growing influence of digital devices and the cult of disruption are undermining decision-makers’ ability to speak out and act. The media ecosystem has definitely entered the era of the «bonfire of the verities». For all decision-makers and managers, this means that it is time to change software. The technological and ideological ecosystem imposes iconoclastic choices that thwart media illusions, the mirages of permanent transformation and the smoke screens of ready-to-think. More than ever, we must have the means to analyze major trends, take a clear look at the world, define a clear vision, verbalize it and share it. Communication has become above all a quest for meaning, ethics and intellectual leadership. Through examples borrowed from politics (Trump, Dominique Strauss-Kahn), sports (Griezmann, Benzema), pop culture (Game of Thrones, Batman), the economic universe and digital, this manual presents the mechanisms that govern our communication societies, and analyzes the good and bad practices. But this book does not assert experts’ certainties: it reflects on the means to be implemented to reenchant the public word and fight against the common mistrust.
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