Multiverse Revolution

The digital twin technology at the heart of Europe's industrial renewal

Florence Verzelen

We are currently experiencing more than the Fourth Industrial Revolution: a Multiverse Revolution is profoundly changing everyday life for businesses and citizens. The dazzling progress of artificial intelligence, the metaverse and digital twins is pushing back the frontiers of possibilities in fields as diverse as advanced medicine, the conquest of space, smart cities, quantum computing and ecological transition. Although the advent of the Internet and Web 2.0 coincided with the digitalization of our lives, the Multiverse Revolution is reversing this trend. New simulation software can help our societies make the world a more sustainable place, expand the field of knowledge and optimize resource management. At the confluence of the digital sphere and the physical universe, these innovations can play a pivotal role in the real world. If the right choices and investments are made, Europe can become a leader in this paradigm shift. It has an opportunity to provide an alternative to Chinese and American tech models by focusing on clean energy, health, education and people’s well-being. Today, issues of sovereignty and strategic autonomy are of crucial importance. There is an urgent need to accelerate progress in these areas in order to improve not only the competitiveness of our economy but also the daily lives of European citizens.

Translated from French by Laurie Hurwitz

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