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Albert Einstein: A Biography Through the Time(s)

Format 152 x 229 mm, 838 pages
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Albert Einstein: A Biography Through the Time(s)

GINOUX Jean-Marc

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livre Papier ISBN 9782705691042 48,00 €

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This book presents a unique portrait of the famous physicist Albert Einstein entirely based on clippings of a great New-York newspaper: The New York Times. The impressive number of articles about his life and his works offers an original approach to this character. It allows rebuilding, on one hand, almost day to day, the most significant events of his life and, on the other hand, it enables to highlight some of its most intimate traits that appear in the interviews he had granted to this newspaper. It also provides a popularized presentation, devoid of any mathematical development, of his scientific theories (Special and General Relativity and Unified Field Theory) which become thus accessible to the layman. At last, through many unusual and funny anecdotes contained in some unknown articles an unexpected portrait of Einstein is disclosed.